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Shift Wars

A recent internet meme made me giggle. A lot.

The photo was forgettable, but the text said “When I die I want AM shift to lower my casket, so they can let me down one last time.”

One could easily swap “AM shift” for “PM shift” in the meme, and it would still be just as funny. Shift wars. It’s a real thing in the restaurant industry. Continue reading

The Sonora Taco at MexA Steak Tacos

Enjoy Mexican without compromise at MexA Steak Tacos

When we survey the delectable array of Mexican, Tex-Mex and other South-of-the-Border eateries that grace our town these days, it’s easy to forget that we haven’t always been so richly blessed.

I’m sure I’m not the only Baby Boomer who can still remember when “Mexican” in Louisville meant “chili,” with a canned tamale dropped in the bowl upon request. Continue reading

Pad Thai at A Taste of Thai in Crestwood

How hot? That hot. They’ll tell you no lies at A Taste of Thai

“How hot do you want your Pad Thai?”

This can be a leading question in any Asian eatery where some of the dishes have the capability to scorch your palate. I raised an eyebrow, seeking more information.

“Scale of one to four,” our friendly server added, neglecting to mention the “zero” possibility. More about that later. Continue reading

Real brain sandwich from Evansville’s Hilltop Inn (not a fake)

Brains! Brains! Get ‘em at Zombie’s Evansville-style Brain Bistro

First Buffalo wings became a thing, emerging from the snowy city’s iconic Anchor Bar to arrive as a national phenomenon in the 1980s.

A decade later, Chef Shawn Ward brought his upscale take on shrimp and grits to town, turning this simple dish of po’ folks in South Carolina’s Low Country into an entree so popular that it inspired dozens of variations.

More recently, we got Nashville! Continue reading

Le Moo’s 18-ounce tenderloin flight: Wagyu, Prime and Choice

We go full carnivore, almost, at Le Moo

For more than 60 years, tens of thousands of Louisville folks have made it their custom to stop off at KT‘s for an adult beverage — or several — and maybe a quick bite on their way home from work.

It opened as the Old Kentucky Tavern back in the 1950s, evolved into KT‘s in 1985, and lasted another 30 years. But everything eventually changes, so wave buh-bye to KT’s and say hello to Le Moo, marketing and PR guru Kevin Grangier’s spectacular new spot, now branded as a “mid-range steakhouse and more.” Continue reading

A pair of roti at the Hub Cafe: Bees Knees and The Wizard

Let’s go to the Hub! No, the other Hub …

It went down like this:

“Hey, wanna go eat at The Hub?”

“Sure! I’ve been looking forward to that.”

A few minutes later we were whizzing across the new Abraham Lincoln Bridge, and Mary started getting skeptical. “Are you lost? That place is right next to the Comfy Cow. I’m pretty sure that’s Indiana ahead.” Continue reading

A sushi plate at Asahi: Dragon roll, tuna roll and AAC roll.

Comfy Asahi Japanese makes a good first choice or backup

OhBoyOhBoyOhBoy! We’re going to La Chasse tonight! I’ve been waiting a while for this hot new spot on Bardstown Road to hit its stride before rushing in for a review, and tonight’s the night. I’m getting cleaned up and ready, singing happy songs in the shower, where the acoustics are great.

Then Mary hammers on the door. Continue reading

Industry Standard - Marsha Lynch

On a Wait

Tickets are spilling out of the printer, faster than anyone could read them aloud. Cooks are busy filling orders for the previous 20 tickets, and not just a list of items, but a list of modifications including burger temps, steak temps, and at brunch, egg styles: sunny-side, scrambled with or without cheese, hard-fried, poached, hard-poached (that’s a boiled egg, out of the shell, people – it takes 10 minutes), with toast, without toast, gluten-free, sub a side of this, that or the other. Continue reading

Butchertown Grocery's grilled cheese with tomato soup

“Honest, simple” fare commands white-tablecloth prices at Butchertown Grocery

Hey! Let’s go out and get some gnocchi for dinner!

These are words one rarely hears, unless one grew up in a family or with friends who had an old-country Italian Nonna around. Hell, there aren’t many people around here who know what a gnocchi is (or, to be pedantic, what gnocchi are); and fewer still who know how to pronounce it. Continue reading

A 14-inch Pizza Margherita at North End Slice

A Half Peach and a whole Slice

Some days I want to eat something healthy. Some days, not so much.

That’s why I’m glad that there is room in the world for places like North End Slice, where the bill of fare is all pizza, all the time; and places like Half Peach Bakery & Cafe, where there is nary a speck of meat or even any animal-based products like eggs or cheese on the premises. Continue reading

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